Best RC Tank

tankWhat could be more awesome than driving around your own little RC tank and shooting things with it? You definitely can’t do that with your RC car, but how do you make sure you get a tank you’ll be happy with?

There isn’t a ton of information out there on these great toys, but there are a ton of options to choose from. Some have working guns, some do not. Of the ones with guns, some shoot infrared beams, some can shoot BBs, and some have mobile rocket launchers!

This all sounds really awesome, but how do you find the best one to fit your needs? You don’t want to just randomly pick one out and then be disappointed that it doesn’t measure up to what you were expecting. On the other hand, you also don’t want to over pay (these things can cost several hundred dollars after all) for something that might not really be what you are looking for.

There are are a couple things to think about before you decide which tank is best for you. One is if you want a very advanced model, or if you are looking for something more suited to a beginning RC tank warrior. Another thing to consider is how you want to use it. Will you just be playing around with it or will you be battling with friends?

Once you know what you are looking for, it will become much easier to make a decision. I have put together a list of some of the best tanks available to help pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. The list is broken into categories (based on different needs and budgets) to make sure you can hone in on the perfect tank.

Check back from time to time as build and update this list.

Low Cost Option For Kids: Infrared Battle Tanks

battle tanksWhat kid or adult for that matter, doesn’t love a good battle? You should give these battle tanks a look. They run on batteries and are remote controlled. Many even come in a two pack for instant fun.

Some can actually cost quite a bit, I found a few for over $200. These models are for the more advanced player. For beginners, you can get two of them for around $60 for two. They are super easy to put together as most parts are already assembled. You just need to charge the tanks battery on a wall socket and add 2AA batteries for each remote.

They are easy for younger children to control and real enough for adults to enjoy. They come with pre-painted camouflage bodies and infrared turrets. The exact features do vary somewhat with each brand so if there is something you want be sure to check the features list. The models I looked at do make noise so be prepared. The good news is the reviews claim that the noise isn’t super loud.

These rc tanks can shoot up to 20 meters and for worried parents they can’t shoot any other type of projectile. This quality makes them safe for even the most curious kids. The number of degrees the turret can turn does vary from model to model so you may want to check out the turning ability of a model before choosing one. The turning ability seemed to range between 180 degrees and 300. Some offer up to a 30-degree vertical lift to make aiming better.

The only real problem I saw mentioned was that these tanks can’t run well on carpet as the treads come off. One review said that they had the same issue on rough concrete. You will want to make sure you have a nice smooth area to play on either outdoors or on uncarpeted flooring.

So if you’re an adult who still enjoys having fun or know a child who loves to do battle, a cool rc tank is an excellent choice. If your child is still young and not experienced in remote control vehicles, these more inexpensive models are the way to go. Just charge them and fight on.

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Awesome War Machine: Taigen German Tiger I Early Model Tank

german tankRolling through the battlefield, your tank dominates the forces that oppose you. Smoke is billowing from the stack as the treads climb over every obstacle in your path. You move in for the final battle, rotating your main gun towards the enemy position. Raising the elevation of the gun a final touch, you fire your weapon. The gun roars, as the air-soft BB you fired hits the center of your target.

The Remote Controlled Taigen German Tiger Tank will have everyone begging you for their chance to drive. This 1/16 scale tank has a metal chassis and treads to lend to the realism. Gun and engine sound effects and a smoke box help to immerse you in the illusion as you control the tank from a distance.

The turret has a turn radius left to right of 320 degrees and a maximum gun elevation of 30 degrees. This allows you to fire 6mm air-soft BBs from the main gun at the target of your choice. The small machine gun has a LED light to simulate muzzle flash from the secondary weapons. Forward facing LED running lights let you continue your maneuvers after the sun goes down.

The tank is ready to run right out of the box. You just have to charge the 2000mah NiMH battery, put batteries in the included 2.4 GHz controller, and load the smoke box with pellets and the main gun with air-soft BBs. Like many out of the box RC vehicles, the charger is not the fastest one around. Faster chargers are inexpensive and easy to find. Getting a second battery at the same time will allow you to keep fighting while batteries charge.

One place that you do have to pay some extra attention to is the treads. For a while after you first start using the tank, they will begin to expand. To fix this there are tensioners
for the treads that just have to be adjusted periodically during the breaking in process. This tank is also fully upgradeable with parts that are readily available. Larger batteries and more powerful motors and shocks will fit with no problems.

This is the best RC tank that you are likely to find for your adventure war-gaming. You will have no problem driving your enemies before you as you roll through the conquered countryside, or your side yard. The limits only exist in your mind.

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The Beast: The TaiGen German Tiger I Late Model Tank

tiger tankI don’t know about you, but I’d always wanted a remote control tank that could actually shoot. The Imex Taigen German Tiger I RC tank certainly satisfies that, and more and no list of the best RC tanks would be complete without its inclusion.

This monster of a tank weighs in at a little over twenty pounds and is manufactured on a 1:16 scale to the original. A large part of the tank’s construction is metal, including the treads. This Tiger tank is capable of climbing grades of up to 35 degrees, with a turret turning radius of 320 degrees. The tank’s main gun can be elevated up to 30 degrees and the outside is finished with a highly detailed, authentic paint scheme. Dimensions are 21”x8”x7”. Ammunition consists of 6mm airsoft BB’s.

As a whole, there isn’t much not to love here. Although the unit isn’t totally metal it’s still heavy and feels and controls like a tank should and produces a loud and satisfying tank-like sound. With it you can re-enact battles, run over plastic army men with its mighty treads and you can even attach a camera and make an amateur movie.
As you might imagine, this tank has a lot to recommend it. There’s the heavy metal construction, the included accessories you can use to customize the tank’s appearance and if you happen to not like the sound it can be adjusted to a more suitable level. The working canon is definitely a plus, albeit one that should be employed with caution.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks. The canon doesn’t shoot actual explosive or armor piercing shells but all things considered this is probably just as well. On a less exciting note, care should be used when operating the tank around people and pets as well as fragile objects. In some cases the treads can come apart as well, curtailing an otherwise successful reenactment.

All is not lost, however. The tank’s BB ammunition can be removed prior to allowing children and irresponsible adults to use it. And while a random tread failure might be unfortunate, the metal treads are durable and it isn’t easy to actually damage them. If you think about it, this only adds to the authenticity since this sort of failure in actual tanks did happen from time to time. In the 1:16 scale model version, repairs are simple. This is not a common fault, however, and most often occurs as a result of operating the tank on unapproved surfaces.

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