Best RC Boat

super boatWhen it comes to trying out a new hobby, you want to do as much research as possible before you spend money. This is especially true for RC boats. You don’t want to spend too much money only to accidentally break the boat or find out that you don’t enjoy racing them on the water. What you need is a good look at the best rc boat that your money and skills can buy. You do not want have a “mayday” situation on your first voyage!

A pitfall you want to avoid is overspending for things you don’t really want or need, but you also don’t want get a boat now and find out later that you could have gotten something better for the same money.

One thing you want to get figured out right away is how much you are looking to spend. One hundred dollars or less? Maybe two to three hundred? Or maybe price is not a big issue, you just want to get the absolute best that you can. What ever the case may be, there are tons options out there.

Sorting through all the options can be a real headache. I know, because I have been through it. When I bought my first boat as a kid, I didn’t put much research into it and didn’t really think about what I was doing. That is a great way to make poor decisions. Do not follow my example.

Instead, take some time to think about what you want to do with your new boat. Also, keep in mind that the faster and powerful boats require more skill to control, so you might not want to start off with one of the top end boats if you are a beginner.

To help you out, I am putting together a list of some of the best RC boats available today. I am breaking the list up into several different categories based on things like budget, model type, speed, etc. That way, you should be able to quickly find a great boat that is a fit for your needs.

Here are a few rc boat reviews to get you started. These boats are listed in order of cost from lowest to highest.

Good Choice For The Kids: HT-2879 RC Destroyer War Ship


battleshipThe HT 2879 RC Destroyer is one of the cheaper rc boats available, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap quality. You certainly get your bang for the buck when it comes to this boat. The rc destroyer is a whopping 31-inches from end to end. That’s almost three feet of boat for you to sail.The warship looks so real that you might be tempted to set it out as a display and never let it touch water. It has many armaments and details just like a real warship. It looks like the real deal.

Despite it’s large size, the rc battleship moves along at a nice speed, but not so fast that you can’t keep it under control. It has a remote control range of around 75ft, which is how far the boat will travel before it starts to lose connection to the transceiver in your hand. The speed and range make the warship perfect for large pools and small ponds where the water is always calm.

While the rc destroyer is great for beginners of any age, it is particularly useful for children. The lower cost means you won’t worry about wasted money if the child crashes the boat or decides RC boats aren’t fun. The main reason why this warship is great for kids is because it’s so easy to handle. Place the batteries, set the boat in the water, and go. The boat only moves forward or back and turning is as simple as reversing one propeller while the other continues forward. The process is easy for kids of all ages to pick up. The boat also has a safety feature where it only runs once the propellers are in the water.

The battleship does have a few design flaws. There are small holes designed for draining water from the boat. The problem with the holes is that they also let water in. When you put the boat together, some of the parts might not attach tightly and also create small holes. Fill in the holes before you place the boat on the water. Once done playing, open the holes to let any water drain out.

Get your kids started with RC boats with the RC Destroyer/Battleship.


Want Speed but On a Budget? Try The Fish Torpedo


torpedoThe Fish Torpedo is easily the best rc boat under 100 dollars. It is designed as a racing boat so that you can race friends on the water or just enjoy watching it zip around the water. Even at 29-inches long, this boat will get up to 25mph. The size and speed makes it worth the slightly extra more you’d pay for this boat over the RC Destroyer/Battleship.Just like the warship, the Fish Torpedo is best used on ponds and pools. It will need a bit more space, though, because of the extra speed. Don’t worry; the torpedo has a range of up to 330 feet so it’s OK to put it on larger ponds and pools without fear of it stopping while too far away from you. You won’t need to go for a swim to get it back.

The torpedo is a good choice for boat fans that want something with a little more power but still easy to control. Give this boat to young teens new to the hobby or to older beginners that don’t want to spend much money. The boat moves forward and in reverse with the ability to turn quickly even at top speeds. As a bonus, you can control the speed of the boat. Start out slow until you get used to the controls and then go a little faster. Keep upping the speed until you can race that boat with ease.

This RC boat also has the safety feature that doesn’t allow it to run until both propellers are in the water. While it is a nice feature, it does cause problems if you place the boat on choppy water. If you run the boat fast on choppy water then it is likely to bounce off the water. Once a propeller leaves the water, the boat will stop. If this happens too often, the boat might not start up again once the propeller lands back in the water. You will have to go for a swim to get it back. Avoid this problem by only racing the boat at top speeds on calm water and lower speeds if the water is choppy.

Choose the Fish Torpedo for beginners that want some speed and power without breaking the bank.

Check out this video to see the Torpedo in action:

Traxxas Spartan


super boatHave you used an RC boat before and know how to control them easily but now you want some real speed and power? Do you want a fast rc boat? If so, then you can’t go wrong with the Traxxas Spartan. Get ready for some high-speed fun on the water with this bad boy boat.

This 40-inch boat with 36-inch deep-V hull creates huge waves of water as it zips through the water and passes all the competition. It is a high performance racing boat that will wow even the most experienced RC hobbyists. How much power does the Traxxas Spartan wield? Straight out the box, with the included battery pack, the racing boat will reach speeds up to 30mph. Upgrade the battery to 6s LiPo batteries and it will reach top speeds of over 50mph. Forget those ponds and pools that the other boats belong on and place this bad boy on large lakes.

With this amount of speed and power, you want to make sure the boat is high quality. This fast rc boat has anodized aluminum rudders as well as stainless steel fins and hardware. The Spartan is made of waterproof parts and water-cooled. That means the motor and batteries won’t overheat because the water the boat runs on keeps them cool. It is built to withstand the pounding it will take from the water while racing at top speeds. It will also handle those times when you accidentally crash land.

You’re probably thinking that a boat with this much power will also need plenty of power to run. You’re right. That doesn’t mean that the Spartan can’t handle it. The batteries do not run out quickly and put an end to your fun to soon. That’s thanks to the electronic speed control (ESC). The ESC is designed to run smoothly even when the battery charge becomes low.

The only problem with the Traxxas Spartan is that it doesn’t come with a battery charger. You will have to purchase a compatible charger that will either charge the batteries the boat comes with or the 6s LiPo batteries you want for fast speeds.

If you are a beginner, the idea of controlling the Spartan might seem daunting. Yes, it does require a bit more skill to run this boat, but it also comes with plenty of help. The V-hull and the fins help keep the boat stable. It is best for hobbyists with some skills, but not recommended for children.

Here is a very thorough video review with some great action shots of the Spartan on the water, check it out:

Now that you have a few rc boat reviews, I hope you are in a position to start making a decision on which one is right for you. I’ll see you out on the water!