Other Toys

speedboatWhile I’ve spent much of my time on this site talking about cars, trucks, choppers, and planes, there are even more RC toys out there. Many more in fact…

When I was about eleven or twelve, I mowed yards to save up enough money to buy an RC speedboat. Once I had the money earned up I had my mom order it for me out of a catalog. It cost $129.99 and it was awesome. Less awesome was the fact that I wasn’t smart enough to know I shouldn’t put it in a farm pond full of algae. Very bad. Don’t do it. Ever.

In this section we will cover everything from boats — obviously — to tanks and from cranes to fighting robots!

So, if you’re not really into cars and planes, or are just looking for something different, this is the place for you.

As always, you will be able to find ratings and reviews in the articles below, along with buy guides for beginners and budget shoppers, and much more.

I think this could turn out to be one of the most fun sections of the site and I look forward to sharing what I find with you. Dig in, lets have some fun!