RC Helicopter Reviews

cool quadHow do you figure out which RC helicopter you want to buy? One thing want make sure of is that you are not buying something that won’t work as advertised, but how do you do that?

One great way to figure out which products are good and which products are bad is to dig into the reviews you can find online and see what other folks have to say about them.

There can be problems with this approach though. The biggest one is time. It can take a lot of time to dig through the reviews of just a handful of helis trying to figure out which one is right for you. Lets be honest, not a lot of us have tons of extra time to spend listening to people whine and brag about their purchases.

At the same time, we need to know all we can about the helicopters we are interested in, and we want to make sure that the info we are getting is as reliable as possible. What is the solution?

Well, I am going to try to provide a solution right here. I will be reviewing some of the best helicopters out there and giving you the results right here. I will be drawing on my own experience as well as the opinions of both seasoned RC heli pilots and average users like me and you.

I will try to cover a wide variety of choppers on this page. From high-end to entry level and a few stops in between, I will give my honest opinion on them all. Hopefully, you will be able to find everything you need to make an informed decision.

Please, browse through the RC heli reviews below. We have something for both the discerning RC Helicopter hobbyist, and the new kid on the block who’s just getting into this pastime. We have reviewed some of the more popular RC ‘copters available today. Check back often as I intend to update and expand these reviews over time.

For the Kids: The SYMA S107

rc heli reviewsOur first RC helicopter review is of the Syma S107 is a small enough heli that it fits easily into your palm, but also comes with one of the greatest advancements in mini helicopter technology known as the Gyro. Gyro technology has changed the helicopter industry almost completely; inbuilt gyroscope technology allows the helicopter to have automatic stability, which then allows the user to focus on flying it and not crashing!

The gyro makes mini RC controlled helicopters quite easy to fly and to manoeuvre around and this model is no exception. Moreover, besides being the coolest gadget on the block with some great features, this helicopter is considered as one of the best out there for any helicopter enthusiast of beginner skill level.

Featuring things such as a 3.5 channel radio control and the aforementioned inbuilt Gyroscope to give it maximum stability, this helicopter is easy to fly and to hover around. Some of its other features also include a detailed paint job, a USB charger to help maintain power, LED lights and an infrared transmitter.

Additionally, this RC helicopter for beginners also features a coaxial rotor and a single rear rotor which allows the helicopter to make precise movements while in the air, while at the same time it has a metal body that makes it strong, yet light weight to protect it from the damage that it may face should you subject it to a rough landing.

This mini helicopter comes ready-to-fly straight out of the box; it does not require any form of assembly or set up, save for installing the 6AA batteries required in the mini helicopters transmitter charger.

If you do decide to purchase this helicopter you will, without a doubt, have picked up a great value for your money. This RC helicopter is not only fair in cost relative to its features, it is also suitable for beginners of all ages and experience levels. So besides being quite entertaining and enjoyable gadget to fly around, it also helps greatly to enhance your coordination just like the pilots of real helicopters!

This is a sturdy, durable and highly dependable mini helicopter. One downside is that marketing-wise it is perhaps pitched as a toy for kids under fourteen, but as mentioned previously, this makes it a suitable RC helicopter for beginners also. It is best flown indoors for optimal results and flying performance.

Click here for more on the S107.

Here is a cool video of the S107 in flight:

A Great Starter for the Beginner Hobbyist: The BLADE mCX2

blade mcx2The Blade mCX2 mini helicopter is a great gadget; this RC helicopter is aimed at beginners and just like the original Blade mCX, the mCX2 is a very small, easy to fly and highly manoeuvrable RC helicopter.

Coming with 100% factory assembled features, test flown and ready to fly straight from the box, this mini RC helicopter is commonly regarded as the ultimate beginner friendly RC heli, possessing unsurpassed stability. It is extremely durable with incredible controls to enable the pilot to easily change altitude and direction.

This RC helicopter can perform at surprisingly high speeds despite its beginner friendly tag. I suppose the one issue with this beginners model is that it is primarily for indoor use, but flying indoors is a great way for new pilots to develop their control and flying skills.

Like I said, due to being very easy and very stable to fly, this heli is very suitable for first time pilots, though that’s not to say that it can’t be operated and enjoyed by some pros and veteran Heli enthusiasts as well. Plus, it adds an extra shot of excitement with user selectable swash sensitivity together with some flashing LED lights which are inbuilt in the Heli’s body. It also boasts a heading lock like performance to allow for sufficient and maximum control, along with a powerful motor and higher capacity rechargeable batteries of about 120mAh.

The mCX2 also comes with a factory pre-installed 5 in 1 control unit, a DSM2 receiver of about 2.4GHz, a mixer, a motor ESCs as well as a gyro together with fully proportional servos. The helicopter draws its freedom from frequency restrictions and its great controls from its MLP4DSM 4 channel, 2.4 GHz spectrum technology equipped transmitter, not to mention the fact that the mCX2 has an ultra-micro size blade and with a weight that makes it possible to fly this all around indoors.

So, besides having a sleek and beautiful new body with some flashing LED lights and a full line of available replaceable parts, this helicopter has a coaxial, counter rotating rotor head design, a powerful, dual micro core-less motor as well as a powerful 14C, 120mAh, single cell, 3.7 lithium polymer battery. Therefore, with all these said, this helicopter is a sleek and beautifully designed chopper with good flight speed and a super stable hover.

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Take a look at this video of the mCX2 being put through its paces:

For The More Experienced Heli Pilot: The Align T-REX 550E

chopperIf you are in need of a high end RC helicopter then the Align brand are considered to be the top of the line when it comes to RC helicopters. The Align T-REX 550E 3G combo helicopter is no exception. This is well exhibited by some of its features, its professional design, operation and functionality.

As a masterpiece of sorts, the Align T-REX 550E 3G combo comes as a ready to fly RC helicopter that will indeed be a great addition to the fleets of any experienced pilot. However, these helicopters will need to be assembled with some extra pieces and parts, notably what comprises the 6 channel transmitter and a receiver together with a pitch gauge as well as with a 6S LiPo 5200mAh battery.

This is a lightweight RC helicopter and it will need a serious pilot behind its controls. It has a light in weight, high precision main gear that has a very high balance and stability factor, together with a metal main gear hub and a rigid metal main shaft bearing blocks as well as an aerodynamically efficient metal blade control system, with highly rigid and superior precision control systems.

In addition to that, this RC helicopter also employs silicon micro machine (SMM) sensors to give it more stability together with integrated gyro mounting platforms and swash anti rotation guide. It also boasts the following features:

  • A carbon fibre ESC mount
  • Dual section battery mount to allow for optimal CG position
  • A higher efficiency torque tube drive
  • A 3K carbon fibre side frame and base plate
  • High strength carbon fibre tail fins and supports for the tail boom; this 600 heli grade 21.5mm diameter tail boom offers excellent stability and rigidity.

This chopper’s very sensitive gyroscopic sensors along with the advanced control detection routine gives the helicopter good hovering ability and an aerobatic stability, while its fly bar less system plays a dramatic role in improving 3D power output and its efficiency thus resulting in low power consumption.

Although this RC helicopter will cost you a little more, it’s well worth the investment for the serious, relatively experienced pilot. You won’t regret the purchase.

Click here to check out the T-Rex 550E.

Take a look at what this insane machine is capable of:

Entry Level Drone: The Blade 350 QX3

at nightTo kick off our RC quadcopter reviews, lets look at the blade 350 QX3 RTF RC helicopter is an easy to fly aircraft with an advanced SAFE sensor assisted flight envelop technology that acts as a great camera platform, giving the pilot almost everything that they need to mount a GoPro camera and to capture some epic images and videos.

With the two flight modes which are specifically programmed to capture aerial images and videos, this gadget has a self-levelling feature that uses GPS and altitude sensors to help hold the aircraft in position while in a hover. This will therefore not only give you a platform to take some great aerial shots, but it will also make you look like a piloting pro!

It also has a return to home feature that will help you land the aircraft once you activate the function with the simple flip of a switch. This feature makes this gadget one of the best RC quadcopter for beginners or for first time drone fliers. Similarly, while in Smart mode, this aircraft will readily move in whichever direction that the control stick is pushed to no matter which way the nose of the aircraft is pointed, a principle known as stick relativity.

Moreover, the Smart mode feature also puts in place a SAFE circle around the pilot. Creating a barrier that helps to prevent the aircraft from flying too close to the pilot, which is another great feature to help out less experienced pilots.

in flightThis craft also possesses an alternate flight mode that allows the 350 QX3 to give you a further option of accessing an alternate set of agility and stability flight modes. Such flight modes are normally programed for the more experienced quadcopter pilots who have clearly mastered the basics and are of course ready for a more dramatic response and aerobatic flights.

Besides the smart mode mechanism and the return to home feature, this aircraft also possesses some incredible features such as an intuitive programing interface that features 4 screens, (the sensor information screen and the calibration screen as well as the GPS screen and the device information screens) all of which play a significant role in monitoring the system, adjusting the settings and calibrating its sensors to make flight as simple and responsive as possible.

In addition to that, the Blade 350 QX3 has an adjustable flight boundaries feature, an axis stabilised camera and an easy to use transmitter, as well as a long lasting rechargeable flight battery and a charger.

This aircraft comes with almost everything you could possibly need to get started. Best of all, you have two options to choose from: one set up and ready for you attach your own GoPro camera, and one with a built in camera so that you are ready to start capturing aerial images right out of the box.

The Blade 350 QX3 is therefore a step up in performance, capabilities, complexity and even price from a number of RC helicopters out there. Although the price of this craft may be a bit higher, its features and functionality fully justifies it. It might just be the best quadcopter for beginners and veteran pilots both.

Click here to see the various buying options for the QX3.

350 qx3

Check out this great video for a complete breakdown of the QX3’s features and capabilities:

Top of the Line Aerial Photography: The DJI Phantom 2 Vision

live feed phantomThe Phantom 2 Vision from DJI is basically a complete aerial camera system that comes ready to fly. With these RC drones you have the capability to record up to 1080p quality digital video and the possibility of taking still photos at a resolution of about 14 MP using the live viewing and controls through either your Android or IOS devices.

This is actually one of the best products out there that is capable of taking both HD video and high resolution photos which can then be downloaded directly through your smart phone. RC drone reviews confirm this. This device does not really need much assembly, you just need to attach the rotors, insert the 4AA batteries into the transmitters and to charge the DJI smart batteries and you are ready to fly.

This impressive RC drone has a six channel flight control radar, a return home function and is controlled using a 5.8 GHz transmitter to provide an interference free link between you and the aircraft. With the dual stick layout, you will readily and easily maintain control and be in a position to see your digital settings through the DJI vision application through either your android device or through your iPhone.

This RC drone is electrically powered, with an in built Wi-Fi network, 25 minute flight time, stable footage and images w/dampers, a 3 axis camera tilt control not to mention a durable and a strong polymer body construction. It is robust and dependable.

All of this does come at a price however, this RC drone is relatively expensive when compared to the other RC helicopters, and it is not readily available in every other shop like the regular remote RC Heli’s. If you do check out any other RC drone reviews you will find that this product is well worth its price tag. If you have the money and are willing to spend it, you definitely will not be disappointed with the DJI Phantom 2.

Click here to check out the DJI Phantom 2.

Here is a good breakdown of what the Phantom 2 Vision is and how it works:

I hope you found these RC helicopter reviews helpful in your search for the perfect chopper.