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So you are looking to buy a RC helicopter. Obviously, you want to buy the best (or at least best for you) chopper you can. But how do you figure out what the “best” is?

No matter what skill levels you have when it comes to RC helicopters, you still want the best rc helicopter that your money can buy. You want a heli that fits your skill level. If you are beginner this might seem daunting, especially if you don’t understand the RC jargon. Worry no more. You’ll find the answers here.

It can  be overwhelming trying to pick out what you want from the myriad options available to you today. To make matters, worse, any manufacturers description you find will be sure to brag up everything the chopper can do without really giving any actual details about the quality of the machine.

Something you for sure don’t want to do is spend your money on some poorly made heli that will fly apart at the drop of a hat. So, what do you need to look for when you are buying a RC chopper?

To start with, you need figure out what you want. Are you looking for a beginner friendly heli or do need something more advanced? Are you on a tight budget or are you prepared to drop a chunk of cash to get what you want? Do you want a quadcopter or a more traditional style chopper? Do want a camera or not?

The questions could go on for awhile, but those should get you thinking and help you determine what you are looking for. It can take a long time to research the best choice for each of these different options, and it can be daunting to try to figure it our on your own.

Do not worry though, I can help you find the RC heli for your needs. I have been doing extensive research and looking through all the reviews I can find to determine the best options out there.

Over time, I want to develop a list of the choppers for various pilots. From beginners to seasoned veterans and from video recording enthusiasts to stunt pilots, I will do my best to help you pick out the best remote control helicopter for your needs.

Here are some rc helicopter reviews on some of the best rc helicopters based on skill level. Start with the beginner heli and work your way up to the expert heli.

Best Beginner RC Helicopter: Blade mCX2

blade mcx2The Blade mCX2 is a RTF RC helicopter meant for beginners that have every intention of keeping up with the hobby and progressing into expert status. RTF means “ready-to-fly,” which means everything you need to fly the heli comes with it. In fact, you can fly it straight out of the box, although it is recommended to read the directions first.

There are a few reasons why the Blade mCX2 is the best rc helicopter for beginners. For one, it contains Spektrum DSM technology. DSM stands for “Digital Spectrum Modulation.” In simple terms it means that you have a crystal clean connection between the controls in your hand and the helicopter in the air.

The second reason this heli is the best for beginners is that the Blade mCX2 is small in size. You can fly it anywhere, even in your living room. Flying an RC helicopter inside is excellent practice for beginners. It forces you to learn better control quickly so you don’t crash the heli. Don’t worry. If you do crash, the Blade mCX2 is tough enough to withstand it. This makes it possibly the best rc mini helicopter available. At times, it is seemingly invincible.

The only problem with this RC helicopter is that it doesn’t have a long flight time. It has an average flight time of less than ten minutes. Purchase extra batteries. When one set runs out, toss them in the charger and put in the extra that’s waiting.

Finally, the best reason why this heli is the best rc indoor helicopter for beginners is because it grows with you. The helicopter has different settings that you can change as you become more comfortable flying it. Start with the slower beginner settings and then up the helicopter’s speed once you’re ready.

Click here for more on the mCX2.

Here is a cool video showing the Blade mCX2 in action:

Best Intermediate to Expert RC Helicopter: Blade 450 X

450 xNow that you’ve conquered the Blade mCX2, it is time to move up to a more intermediate helicopter. Check out the Blade 450 X. This beauty will take you from flying in circles with the Blade mCX2 to complete 3D flights including loops and dives. You’ll be doing moves in the air like a pro.

The Blade 450 X allows you to perform expert moves without hassle thanks to Spektrum technology. It has a Spektrum Flybarless Control System. That might mean nothing to a beginner, but once you hit intermediate level you will be glad for this system. It essentially takes everything you need to do pro moves in the air and puts it in a tiny box inside the plane. Imagine a computer filled with all your favorite programs without you having to download or learn how to use them. That’s Spektrum technology. It means you have the power automatically without having to do much to earn it.

Despite having everything you need to fly like a pro, the Blade 450 X will also help prepare you for a pro heli. It introduces you to basic tweaking such as balancing the blades and swash leveling. Mastering these basics now will make things much easier when you move on to an expert helicopter.

The Blade 450 X does have a price tag between 400 and 500 dollars. That is a bit of a jump from beginner heli to intermediate heli. Rest assured that this helicopter is still reasonably priced and worth the money. Also, if you already have a good transmitter you can save some money

The Blade 450 X comes as two options: RTF and BNF. You already know what RTF means. BNF stands for “bind-n-fly,” Meaning it does not come with a transmitter. Why? BNF technology is designed for RC hobbyists with more than one helicopter. You simply bind each of your helicopters to one transmitter.

The process is easy, too. If you already have a transmitter then you can save at least 100 dollars by purchasing a BNF Blade 450 X. If not, purchase the RTF Blade 450 X and you can use the transmitter it comes with for BNF helicopters you may add to your collection in the future.

Click here to see the Blade 450 X.

Check out this video where the 450 X is taken to its limits by expert pilot:

Best Option For Advance Aerial Photo/Video: DJI Phantom 2

live feed phantomYou’ve perfected the Blade mCX2. You’ve mastered the Blade 450 X. Now you want something even bigger and better. It’s time to move on to the DJI Phantom 2. The Phantom is by far one of the best rc drones on the market. This bad boy has four rotors and a powerful transmitter that allows the drone to travel a good 1000 feet away without interference or losing connection.

The coolest thing about the DJI Phantom is that it comes with an equipped camera system. Instead of just flying your helicopter and looking up at it in the sky, you can now take pictures and videos from the air. The Phantom has a 1080HD camera for pictures and videos. Simply use your smartphone to see everything that the drone sees while you are still on the ground.

The Phantom is a quadcopter, meaning it has four rotors. The rotors sit in a square formation. Extra blades make the drone stronger and more powerful. This makes it much easier for the drone to rise farther into the air for great pictures. It is also much more stable because the blades are evenly placed. Extra stability means the drone is able to hold more weight if you want to add your own accessories.

You might be a little worried about flying the Phantom since it can travel so far away from you. You don’t want to lose it or risk a damaging crash because you can’t see the drone well. That’s not a problem. The Phantom has a special feature where it will automatically take control and return to the starting position if you take your hands off the controls.

The DJI Phantom does require a bit more skill to fly than some other RC choppers. It is primarily intended for more advanced hobbyists or avid photographers and videographers. You shouldn’t start your RC hobby with this drone. If, on the other hand, you have some experience flying RC helis, you should be good to go with the Phantom.

The DJI Phantom does have a heftier price tag starting at around 800 dollars (it is after all one of the best RC quadcopters available). This is a large investment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Spend your money on this drone only if you are ready to handle the complexity or are prepared for lots of practice. You don’t want to have to keep buying replacement parts after accidental crashes and end up spending even more money.

Click here to check out the DJI Phantom 2.

Take a look at this video detailing what all the Phantom is capable of:

Take to the skies with the best rc helicopters you can get for your money and your skill level. Before long you’ll have quite a large collection of BNF helicopters and taking aerial photos to wow friends and family.