chopperOne of the most popular types of RC toys are helicopters, and its easy to see why.

These things are tons of fun, and there are all kinds to choose from.

You can get tiny little choppers to play around with in the house, or you can get giant lifelike monsters that will test your skill as you rise up and dominate the sky.

Also, in recent years, RC quadcopters have become more and more popular. Especially since their greater stability lends them very well to carrying cameras for aerial photography/videography and surveillance. This trend has also led to them being referred to as drones by marketers and the uneducated. While their not really drones, they are still really fun to fly, just like pretty much any other RC helicopter out there.

So if you are looking to sort out which chopper is right for you, you have come to the right place.

We will bring together our own ratings and needs (price/skill level) based recommendations as well as info on what the different features mean for you.

Just select the article that most interests you to get started learning about these great machines.