cessnaFrom massive long winged trainers to high speed jets and from faithful high-budget replicas to little $20 gliders, there is an RC airplane for everyone looking to get into the hobby.

In this section of the site we will look at some of these options and see how they stack up.

When folks start looking at remote controlled planes, they usually start having some questions. You might find yourself wondering: What is a good beginner RC plane? How hard is it to fly one of those jets? Whats the difference between a four channel plane and a six channel plane? What type of motor do I want in my plane? We will try to help you answer these questions and more in the articles below.

You will also find our ratings and reviews of some of our favorite hobby planes in this section. Hopefully, by the time you are done here you will know exactly what you are looking for in your ideal airplane.

Good luck and happy flying.